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Joz EP

We're thrilled to introduce a captivating musical collaboration that emerged from the creative synergy between Ølsten and the talented vocalist Joz. Titled "Joz EP", this project serves as a testament to their artistic connection and shared passion for crafting immersive soundscapes.

We invite you to embark on a sonic journey that seamlessly blends electronic elements with Joz's ethereal vocals. The project is a manifestation of a creative spark that ignited when Joz sent Ølsten voice memos from her global travels. Little did they know that these candid recordings would evolve into the foundation of an extraordinary musical endeavor.

Experience "Joz EP" across streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube.

Make sure to check out our shop, where you can grab a copy of "Joz EP" along with other releases, merch, and exclusive collectibles.

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