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We're Hiring

Our team is always on the lookout for exceptional individuals who are passionate about pushing boundaries and bringing their expertise to our projects. While we might not always have specific roles available, we're always open to bringing on board experienced collaborators who excel in the following areas:


Product Design

Are you a creative and detail-oriented product designer? Do you have a knack for crafting visually appealing and user-centric designs? Join our team to contribute your skills to a diverse range of projects, from apparel and accessories to other items in our shop. At forty four, we value originality and a fresh perspective in creating designs that resonate with our audience.

Post Production Video Editing

Video Production

Do you have a passion for bringing stories to life through visuals? Are you skilled in crafting compelling video content that resonates with audiences? Join our team at forty four and contribute your expertise in video production. Collaborate with us to create visually captivating content for a variety of projects, from music videos to promotional material and beyond.

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Do you have a flair for promoting creative works? Are you skilled in crafting compelling marketing strategies that resonate with audiences? Join our team at forty four and contribute your expertise in marketing and promotions. Collaborate with us to develop innovative marketing campaigns, spread the word about our music releases, and engage with our audience across various platforms.

Woman with Amputee Using Laptop

Game Development

Are you a passionate game developer, eager to bring captivating interactive experiences to life? At forty four, we value innovation and creativity in game design. Collaborate with a team of dedicated individuals to craft immersive, innovative, and engaging gameplay that captivates players across a variety of genres and platforms.

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Did we miss something?

Your unique talents could be just what we're looking for, even if the perfect role isn't listed. Reach out and let's start a conversation about how you can contribute to our team.

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