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Our Story

forty four is a Chicago based production studio founded by Ølsten. From a bedroom music producer to an artist who explores music, visuals, and narratives, Ølsten's evolution shaped our belief in limitless creativity. Founded in 2020, forty four emerged as a space where diverse creative expressions meld, fostering exploration and innovation.

DJ Producing Music
Woman Cutting Paper

Our Vision

At forty four, we embrace Ølsten's philosophy of using various mediums to craft new dimensions of experience. Our team thrives on collaboration, inviting artists with diverse perspectives to contribute to our collective tapestry. Together, we aim to push artistic boundaries and spark curiosity through our creations.

Our Future

Looking ahead, our focus is to broaden our horizons. We're open to collaboration and are actively seeking to welcome new voices into our creative circle. Our goal is to keep expanding, as we continue to explore uncharted territories in the world of music, film and gaming. We're currently working on a few unannounced projects that we're excited to share with the world.

Video Game Designers
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Join Us

Seeking a place where your talents can flourish? We're on the lookout for passionate individuals who share our vision. Discover how you can contribute to our ongoing creative ventures.

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